The Circle of Life in Tanzania

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Tanzania is one of those unspoiled treasures where you feel connected to the land, the animals, and the people. It awakens the spirit inside each traveller as you explore the stunning beauty of this land, its incredible fauna and wildlife. It is full of different colors, magical light that spreads around you and portrays the most spectacular views when it shines on the sky and the earth. Be it dawn or dusk, the extraordinary colors on the sky just captivate you to its pure essence. The earth’s soil is also a palate of red, yellow, and orange dust, eager to show you the way of its land.

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The grasslands seem like they are made of gold; it’s a great experience to walk on it and breathe in the fragrance of nature. You will come across villagers often; you will see kids going to their schools in the morning, carrying their bags. You will get to see the adults, going on about their business at the break of dawn. The entire country is an exhilarating and alluring place to visit and is worth every penny you spend on this trip.

Tanzania is full of life, at every step and at every turn. Here are some highlights of Tanzania!


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The Safari trip

One of the most quintessential activities in Africa is the Safari expedition in Serengeti National park, Tanzania. This park spreads over 13000 km area and is home to some of the most exotic fauna and wildlife. I watched the sun set over the horizon and it was truly mesmerizing. I also took a number of photographs of zebras, lions and wild beasts that came around said hi to us. They weren’t bothered that we were there. Rather, they were completely in their natural habitat.


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Other Conservation Areas

The National Park is not the only place to explore the stunning wildlife. Ngorongoro Conservation Area is located beside Serengeti, and it is a famous home to the most extraordinary wildlife species in Tanzania. You can stay in lodges here or set your own campsites. In the south of Tanzania, you can find hippos, elephants and crocodiles in the Selous Game Reserve, which also has the honor of being a World Heritage Site. You can hire a swamp boat for a great scenic tour.


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A hike to Mt. Kilimanjaro

You must have heard of this mountain range. It is an excellent site for hiking and offers the most adventurous trail in the northern Tanzania side. This journey is only meant for those who have strength and not for the faint of heart, mind you. To reach the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, you have to be patient for at least 6 days, as it is located almost 5896 meters high. This hike requires proper clothes, boots, food and water supplies and appropriate climbing gear. I was fully equipped with all kinds of snacks, juices, energy bars and water for this hike because I had made up my mind to reach the peak. And I tell you, it was worth the time and strength I put into it!

The Zanzibar Excursion

I hopped aboard on a ferry to visit the thronging locality of Zanzibar, which is well known for its local markets, the historical sites and its wonderful spices used in local cuisines. Zanzibar has stunning beaches where I played volleyball with a local group of teens and sunbathed to my heart’s content. Another great place to explore in Zanzibar is Stone Town, and the mosques dotted along the ancient crowded land.