Take a deep breath, close your eyes then says this. Errr.. yes.

The immigration officer asked me, “ Sir, is that your passport?”

That was one of the question asked right after I landed in Vientiane, Laos a couple of days ago, after a long flight from Jakarta.

(Credit: shannonberner)
(Credit: shannonberner)

My passport looked ‘utilised’. That’s one of the way to showcase to the world that I’m a traveller and that is my badge of honor. But not this time, I was stuck at the airport for 2 freaking hour and derailed my plan for that day and eventually slightly affected my overall trip.

(Credit: Flickr. Jon Rawlinson)
(Credit: Flickr. Jon Rawlinson)

The immigration officer at first rejected my passport earlier for being such a badly beaten-up look. Some of the pages are torn, slightly damaged and there was a stain to the data page. After a couple of hours of begging, finally he allowed me to proceed. I’m allowed to enter Laos after all those lectures.

“Get your passport replaced, or you will face problems like this again.” A wise advice.

Now I’m sitting here writing and warning you all to take a good care of your passport. If possible, get a passport cover to protect it. It isn’t just a frivolous accessory. It can actually prevent problems down the road.

I just got myself a passport cover yesterday.