Portrait of happy young woman with map on lake braies in south tyrol, italy

Travel is no longer going places, it is all about why you’re going there.

There are many reasons why people travel, and majority of them have similar answers. I came across a new travel platform called recently and these guys just changed my view on travelling 360 degrees. Despite there is only a teaser video there and no full website yet, I managed to dig what they are trying to say. The message was perfectly clear.

At first I couldn’t be bothered because I thought yeah, this is just another travel portal. But once I clicked their About Us link after I watched their teaser video, then something sparked.

“Create Memories Here, It Has Been A While.”

When I read the line, I felt like my face is being slapped by my mom. What they are telling here is true! I just came back from Hong Kong a few weeks ago for a quick getaway with my wife and these bunch of strangers knew somehow that I didn’t create any memories there. Or anywhere that I’ve been before. I could barely remember the Hong Kong moments. What the heck did I do wrong?

According to Tourder’s, we should opt for travelling instead of vacationing. Vacation doesn’t create memories, travel does. Why, simply because we interact more with local people during our travel while vacation we just interact with the hotel people, taxi drivers and maybe immigration guys at the airport. Interact with local people, learn more about their language, about their culture and food they eat will enable travel to better understand the whole thing. Experience their way of living, and see things from their perspective. Then only we will appreciate the place more, snap different kind of pictures, experience different kind of adventures and eat differently as well.

“According to Tourder’s, we should opt for travelling instead of vacationing. Vacation doesn’t create memories, travel does.”

They also mentioned about tourists’ trap. Vacationist will fall to any of these traps, definitely. Paid things extraordinarily more than what the locals are paying for the same bloody thing and get conned by irresponsible service providers are among the top complaints. With travelling, we will be ‘protected’. We will get hooked by the local people who will guide us through the city or town, teaching us about almost anything we want to know about any local-related topics. We are welcomed to be part of these local people, be part of their ecosystem and thus, our ‘safety’ from being cheated is more or less secured.

These are part of the story being told at Tourder’s teaser page I found. Make sense? You bet it is. My eyes are now opened wider and I seriously need to give this a thought, especially when my mid-year getaway to Japan is just around the corner.