How A Minimalist Packs for Travel


Packing for your next adventure is an art form that needs to be taught. For some people, spacial learning comes naturally, and they always manage to fit everything in the suitcase in one go. For others, they may spend hours trying to fit their whole room in a suitcase 4 day trip and still manage to forget something essential like say, their passport or charger. Luckily, we have some experienced travellers on our team to give you a couple of handy hacks, so that packing can come across as effortless.

  1. Bundle Packing

How do pack your clothes in a suitcase or backpack? Do you fold and stack your clothes? Or, do you roll your shirts? While we’ve been taught that this is how we should pack, it can leave your shirts wrinkled, and bag bulky. Moreover it is not the most efficient way to leave room for other travel essential needs.

Bundle packing is a method, where you are not only able to keep your clothes wrinkle free, but also keep your clothes compressed leaving more room in you carry on.

Bundle Packing For Wrinkle Free Clothes

Watch this video for a more effective way to fengshui your suitcase leaving enough room to bring home souvenirs for your family and friends, or at least a couple bottles of Spanish wine for your collection.

  1. Skin care

Before you pack your 5 step skin care regime, you should know this. If you’re travelling by plane, you can only carry-on liquids that are 100ML bottles/containers or less in a sealed plastic bag, otherwise the airport will confiscate them.

For this reason, facial oils like argan oil, carrot seed oil, or sweet almond oil comes in handy as most of them are found in 30-60ml glass tincture bottles. They can be used as moisturizers that nourish the skin and hair, SPF for the sun, massage oil from all the walking, and also a cleanser and makeup remover.

If you use toner, instead of packing a large bottle of toner, soak the cotton balls with toner, and place it in a sealed plastic bag. The plastic bag will retain the moisture, and keep your face fresh!

Instead of worrying about the liquid soap and shampoos, you can consider looking into bars. Nowadays, there are shampoos and body soap bars that can be found on etsy. These bars last a long time and make great travel soap which can be used from head to toe.

  1. Electronics and battery life

It is safe to say that in a technology driven world, we are slightly dependent on our smartphones! You won’t always have an electric plug wherever you go. A power bank is useful to have when travelling, but better than that is a battery case that fits perfectly with your smartphone. For this reason, switch your phone case to one that can recharge your smartphone. These days the cases are ultra slim and light, and designed to charge your phone at bringing your iPhone back to 100% full power!

Moreover, chances are that at one point of your journey, you will rely on Google maps to get to your next destination. It is one of the most important apps of them all for travels, and yet it is insane how much of a battery hog it is. However, what not many people know is that 1. You don’t necessarily need internet for GPS. 2. You need a cellular network, but once you enter your destination and the blue dot and map appears, you can turn your data right off so long that you don’t exit google map. Your GPS location can be seen offline, and the navigation will still work.  3. Google maps and app have offline maps you can download prior your trip!

These are just a few hacks from a minimalist traveller. I hope they helped you! Stay tuned for more.