Beat the Pre-winter Blues and Chase the Sun Instead!

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I don’t know about you, but I think I’m an island girl at heart. I mean, the thought of turning on the air con makes me shiver! I was made  to live in a tropical warm place, with sunsets, Bob Marley tunes, and coconuts.

I mean, I’m going to regret buying that $79 ticket flash deal to some island on the Caribbean… Said no one ever. I mean that’s what I’m used to. Picturesque sunsets and spectacular, clear blue waters during instead of a sub zero and freezing winter. Sabai, sabai, living in the Land of the smiles.

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For someone that’s lived in Thailand for the last 5 years, I loved not having to worry so much about the weather forecast. Reverting to the weather app wasn’t necessary, because I could step outside and get a feel of it either going to be warm, really warm, hot, or really hot! I didn’t worry too much about what to wear, as my Summer ’12 beach collection still fits with the times. My wardrobe was clutter free and happy, as it never had to fight with Winter, Fall, and Spring for room.

Now that I moved back to the USA, I will be reminded of what cold feels like. My body is not looking forward to being wrapped in a sushi roll of clothes and blankets. I’m repulsed at the idea of skin-hugging long johns, slinky turtle necks, and a hair-squishing beanie when November hits. There’s a high chance that my skin might cry the winter blues, only to succumb to a jar of Vaseline. Though, I might survive the winter by emotionally eating away at a pack of Cheetos whilst learning all fifty something eskimo words for snow.  

Nevertheless, my wanderlust itches away at my nomadic soul and reminds me that I’m not made to stay in one corner of the earth. The itch grows stronger each day and echoes three words: “Where to next?”, in which I respond, “Hmm…let me google it”

Determined to get somewhere warm, I’ll peruse airlines websites religiously, to see what sort of promotions they’ll have in store for travellers. Whenever an airline carrier adds a new destination to their list, there’s bound to be a promotion. It won’t always fly directly out from your city, but when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Credit to The Fifty One Percent
Credit to The Fifty One Percent

For instance, my recent summer trip to Europe, I got a roundtrip ticket for $800 flying out from Miami, Florida with Jetairfly’s promotion. It would have cost me $1500 if I flew out from where I currently live, which is Minneapolis, Minnesota. I ended up using my frequent flyer miles to get to Miami and paid about $16 of tax for that.

So, this is what I found today when in my happy zen space of chasing flight deals:

Norwegian Air, $79 from New York to the French Caribbeans!! Oh la la.

Emirates, $1079 round trip from Chicago to Singapore!! Seriously lah?

Jet Blue, $99 from Florida to Cuba!! Isn’t that like time traveling?!

With the world wide web at your fingertips, plus a credit card, there is hope. Warm happy thoughts return, as I’m comforted by the existence of these travel deal websites like: The Flight Deal, Travel Zoo, Kayak, Momondo, and Travel Pirates. They open my mind up to the next possible adventure before getting snowed in by the Ice Queen.

What about you? What adventures are you chasing? What is your wanderlust itch asking you? What flight deals have you found? There will always be a flight waiting for you to catch!

I’d like to hear from you. Let us know! I’ll be reading the comments from somewhere warm :)