4 Different Places to Have A Destination Wedding

Credit to iStock Photos/ Amber and David Lapp

Good news! You’re engaged to the one you love! You decide on a nice quiet wedding, and then you tell your friends and family…and boom! Wedding planning starts to take over your life. Yep, welcome to everyone has an idea.  

The next thing you know…is your wedding looking small and intimate to more like large and expensive? Are your parents inviting all of their friends? Do you even know any of these people? Wait, whose Verela Brooklyn?!

Quickly! Before your inner bride or groom-zilla starts to emerge look your beloved in their eyes and say in unison “Destination Wedding!” Shazam!! Now you can choose who you really want at your day and all you have to do is choose your magical destination.

Here are some great ideas!


Credit to Plan Your Perfect Wedding
Credit to Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Spend the morning lazing by the pool in your luxury private villa with your best friends. Feel relaxed, knowing that you’re in the Land of smiles surrounded by lush green and turquoise, clear waters. It’s December, and you get to smell like coconut oil and look radiant, with sun-kissed skin on your wedding day.

Keep it comfortable for you and your guests, as walk down the aisle of sand in flip flops rather than 4-inch diamond heels. Your guests are also in for a surprise as they meet your special guest, Happy, the baby elephant!  As the sun begins to set, know that everyone feels relaxed and you are surrounded by loved ones at your intimate beach wedding in Thailand.

South Africa

Credit to Alexandra Macon

How about getting married at a National Park in South Africa? Imagine having a helicopter take you and your closest friends members to your wedding ceremony. With acres of lush bushveld nature surrounding you, you’ll have the whole Lion King attending in this Safari wedding ceremony. Instead of hiring a band that plays the latest cover songs, why not add a cultural dynamic to your wedding with an extraordinary drumming performance by the Zulu dancers. Enjoy this magical night underneath the Milky Way, it’s your one perfect day!


Bhutan offers sacred marriage ceremonies blessed by Bhutanese Buddhist monks in their Himalayan Kingdom. There is a dream-like quality to the magical sights and sounds of this blessed, enchanting destination. Have a monk select an auspicious day for your wedding, so that you can guarantee a marriage made in heaven, and blessed on earth at one of the most sacred locations in the world. Hong Kong actor, Tony Leung and his wife selected Bhutan as their destination wedding. They dressed in Bhutanese traditional wear and celebrated the day with their friends and family at the luxurious UMA by Como, Paro.



Credit to Melissa Brannon/ Uncommon Events
Credit to Melissa Brannon/ Uncommon Events

If there’s any destination that’s ready for a week long party, it’s India! It would be an unforgettable wedding with the Indian Bollywood Flair. Just ask any of your Indian friends, and they will tell you about one of their colorful, grandiose ceremonies. If you think white is beautiful, but love all of the colors, you can have this at your bollywood-themed wedding. If you can’t decide on which wedding dress to wear, know that you can wear them all! You can also adopt the Indian tradition of making all your loved ones put on a show for you. If you hire an Indian wedding planner, know you’re working with experts ready to put up a splendid, magical wedding for you and your 300+ guests…and maybe the rest of the town.